“I Am Love – Aham Prema”

About Manjusri

MANJUSRI, a life coach and natural influencer has expanded from within over the past decade and is currently enjoying genuine happiness by making lives of human spirits better.

Manjusri loves cinema, his family and helping people. He enjoys frolicking and dancing with his son and lives only a moment at a time.

He loves to work with human beings helping them achieve their aspirations. He aspires to specialize as a Blissful Relationship Coach for working couples helping them enhance progress towards their personal, affiliation and professional goals, thereby making their relationships more intimate.

Manjusri is author of the self-help book, “I Am Love – Aham Prema”. He has also made a short film for parents on viewing the world from a child’s perspective.


“I Am Love – Aham Prema” is a simple book & a collection of the approaches that have been personally experienced and excelled by Manjusri.

This attempt would help human spirits connect to their best selves & help one revel in their own glory. The readers can read this work in their own terms (connecting with the “AHAM” or “I” or “ME” or “MYSELF” written in the book).

There are interpretations for easiness of understanding. Most of the work would be poetry or direct, juggled or disguised expressions.

In simple terms, the author says “Enter your own inner world, happy reading & reflecting”.


I Am Love – Aham Prema

I Am Love – Aham Prema


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